Thursday, February 6, 2014

RootsTech Day One

While I'm not there in person this year, I was able to watch some of the online streaming sessions today. Thank goodness for online streaming. Kudos to FamilySearch by the way. The streaming video was high-def awesomeness and the audio crystal clear. I know that's what we've all come to expect these days but its not always so easy to achieve. You have to work really hard to make it look that easy!

FamilySearch has declared this The Year of the Obituary. Now that's a slogan only a genealogist would love! The announcement was made with the help of a somewhat cheesy pirate in full regalia...Captain Jack "Starling".  But hey, its all in good fun. And the idea of indexing obituaries is genius. I haven't done any indexing since the 1940 census so this is a good motivation to get back in.

I was looking forward to hearing Ree Drummond speak at the general session this morning. Like I've said before, Ree and I are from the same county in Oklahoma. (I'm always proud to see a fellow Okie make it big.) And she didn't disappoint. She sounded just like her blog reads...funny, informal and not taking anything too seriously. Especially herself.  Her husband's family have deep roots in Oklahoma and every genealogist watching was envying her leather bound family history book!

I also loved Tammy Hepps session immediately following the general session. Tammy is the  founder of Treelines and winner of the 2013 RootsTech Developer Challenge. She packed so much good stuff in her presentation that I'm going to have to go back and watch it again when its posted on the RootsTech site. If you didn't see it live, be sure to watch it.  I haven't been to Treelines in awhile (shame on me) and I have some stories to finish there!

I'd much rather be in Salt Lake City but that being said, watching from afar has its perks. 
  • I can watch tomorrow's sessions in my jammies.
  • Its much easier to tweet from a computer or tablet than the little smart phone I was using last year.
  • Its not nearly as exhausting!
See online tomorrow!

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