Thursday, March 14, 2013

RootsTech Announces Streaming Sessions

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RootsTech2013 has announced the sessions that will be streamed live online. After the conference is over, these sessions will be posted for viewing on the website.  I don't know how they chose which ones to stream because there are a plethora of great classes this year. Of course the daily keynote speeches will also be streamed as well. If you are attending RootsTech in person you might what to consider the streaming sessions when deciding which class to attend.  If faced with a choice between two (or more!) great classes in the same time slot, you might consider attending the one NOT being streamed and watching the other at home post-conference. If you are not able to attend in person, the online sessions are a great opportunity. I'm especially looking forward to the Future of Genealogy panel on Thursday and the Digital Storytelling class on Saturday. Enjoy!


  1. Nancy,
    When I read your post sweaty palms set in. Although the Rootstech people had told me my session was being considered for livestreaming I did not know it was happening until I read the news here.
    Although I am deeply honoured I'll be a nervous wreck until about 4:00 pm next Thursday.


  2. Aw, poor Jill! I'll make a point to be there for moral support. And maybe drinks after? ;) I know you will be great!


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