Sunday, March 24, 2013

RootsTech 2013: Did I pass?

Prior to the conference I wrote a post outlining my goals for RootsTech 2013. Now that its all over let's take a look and see how I did.

  • Allow more time for personal research in the Family History LibraryThis one was a complete bust. A couple of weeks prior to Rootstech2013, I developed bursitis in my right leg.  Let's just say that walking was pretty painful.  And even though my hotel was only about a block away, the thought of yet more  walking was out of the question. I didn't darken the door of the Family History Library one time. I know....sacrilege.. but there it is. I just decided to pick my battles and that I was primarily  in Salt Lake City for RootsTech not the FHL.
  • Lighten the technology load 
    • This one was mostly a success. Now that I have an iPad, I brought it instead of a laptop.  For the most part that worked well but blogging on the mobile interface was sometimes problematic. Now if I can just learn not to over-pack my suitcase!
  • Choose classes by speaker, as well as content.
    • This one I accomplished although I didn't take many classes. Again with the walking issue. But the classes I took were awesome.
  • Spend more time in the Expo Hall and Media Hub getting to know peopleSkip classes if necessary. 
    • Done! Last year I knew no one. This year I feel much more grounded in the genealogy community.
  • Learn to use TRAX
    • Another complete bust. Because of my bum leg I spent all of my free time either in my hotel room or at the conference.  No time for TRAX.
So there it is. I didn't get everything I wanted but managed to have a great time in spite of it.

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