Friday, March 22, 2013

Muddy Heroes

Today I spent some more time making the rounds of the Expo Hall.  I thought that instead of telling you about the "big boys" here (which, let's face it, you already know about) I'd talk to some of the smaller vendors. People with great ideas, looking to make an impact in the genealogy world.  I also wanted to find some deals for you.  Most of the vendors are offering discounts for RootsTech attendees but I was looking for those offering the same discount for those of you who couldn't attend in person.  You should get in on the goodies too!

The first booth I visited was Muddy Heroes.  Great name huh?  The name is an acronym for Help, Explore, Research, Organize.  The "Muddy" part...we don't we all have genealogy data that needs to be cleaned up?
They have developed some unique software that can show your whole tree in one view.  Instead of displaying it in a linear, pedigree chart fashion, it displays in more of circular concentric view.  Think tree rings. It can also help you quickly find errors in your data and integrates FamilySearch's new Family Tree. In fact integrates quite nicely. If you are concerned about accuracy in your research (and who isn't?) and plan on using the FamilySearch Family Tree this would be a great program to have. They are running a conference special of 25% off with the code RootsTech2013.  See I told you I'd find you a deal.

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