Thursday, January 31, 2013

Step 1: A Work Space

I decided that my first step toward organization should be to create a space where I can work with a minimum of distraction. We had a small table in our bedroom that my husband made. At various times it has been a computer station and a television stand. Right now its just messy. That makes it a huge distraction.

See the box lid full of papers? They need to be sorted and put away.  The stuff under the table....most of that is my husband's. He's not here right now to defend himself so I can talk about him.  This messy corner was a joint effort.

Princess is offering to help. She says she will put everything in "cat-egories".  At her suggestion
I divided the papers into 3 piles: Scan and Toss, File, and Trash Can.

I grabbed an antique canning jar from the kitchen for my pens and borrowed a lamp from the living room.  The top of the table is looking better but the stuff underneath it is still bugging me.  What I need is some kind of table skirt to hide it.  Lurking in the back of my closet I found a bolt of fabric I bought years ago to make new curtains. Never happened. Not likely to anytime soon.
I measured around the two sides of the table that are showing and cut a piece of the fabric a little longer than that measurement.  Actually "cut" is not accurate.  I ripped it.  If I stopped to find my sewing scissors I would lose momentum. Ditto the sewing machine. So.....

I folded the fabric in half lengthwise and then folded the top over that to make it the right length from the floor. Did I bother to hem it? No I did not. The selvedge edge works just fine.  Then I got out my hammer and some upholstery tacks. I tacked the two ends first and then worked my way to the corner where I made a small pleat.

I also got some help from my trusty glue gun.  Of course I burnt my fingers!  Small price to pay.

Yes my carpet is ugly.  Don't judge. We'll get around to it eventually.

And here is the finished project. The milk crate of files to the right will be replaced with a new filing cabinet soon.  Realistically, this desk will probably be too small and I will have to commandeer the dining table when I start to inventory all my inherited "stuff".  But for now, I feel good about what I've accomplished in a couple of hours.  It's a start.


  1. Love your table skirt idea! It's amazing how important it is to clear your space before you can focus on work.

  2. Thanks! Once I decided it didn't have to be perfect it was fun! Funny that.

  3. What a lovely workplace. Keep it up, Nancy. You are on a roll!

  4. Thanks Denise! If I bring my book to RootsTech will you sign it for me? Pretty please.

  5. I love that you mentioned it doesn't have to be perfect. I'm starting to feel there are too many perfectionists in the world and they're giving me a complex.

    1. Thanks Dochiny! I'm sorry to say that I am a recovering perfectionist myself. Letting that go is so freeing!


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