Monday, January 28, 2013

Organization...The Impossible Dream?

With apologies to Lewis Carroll, the time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of getting organized.

As you may have noticed, the blogging has been pretty sparse here lately. That is partly due to some family issues that took priority over blogging. But if I'm also honest with myself it is partly due to some procrastination on my part.  So the question I have to ask is this: why am I procrastinating?

After some introspection, I've decided that I procrastinate writing about my research (i.e. blogging) because I haven't been doing much of it! And why am I not researching?  Because I can't find it!
It's scattered all over my desk. And my house. And my car. It's in notebooks.  And boxes. And envelopes.

 I'm in dire need of some organization.  And not just of my research but of all the family history documents, photos, and artifacts.  You see I have this fear.  I blame it on my mother of course.  Mom was a genuine, PhD carrying historian. She knew the value of primary sources. She was also raised in the Depression. This combination meant that she saved everything.  And I mean everything.  Some of it was organized and some not.  Sadly, Mom died relatively young at age 57.  I am now 56. (See where I'm going with this?)  So I've been thinking a lot about what would happen to my family archives after I'm gone.  Would my children even be able to find everything, let alone know its value?  Probably not.

Enter Denise Levenick and her new book How to Archive Family Keepsakes. I love this book. Its so practical and easy to read even I...the Queen of Chaos...should be able to implement it. I've given myself a year to work through it and impose some order.  And hopefully by the time I am also 57 my family history work will be able to stand on its own, ready for the next generation of caretakers.


  1. Hi Nancy
    Welcome back. And yes I have to agree, Denise's book is a gem, I'll be working through it myself this year. Hope all is well with you.

  2. Thanks Lynn! Things are getting back to normal after a stressful autumn. I'll miss hanging out with you at RootsTech this year! Congrats on the success of your blog. You've come a long way in just a year!


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