Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sharing on SlideShare

I've been playing around with a new-to-me web site- It's another great way to share your family history research.  I created the Allen Family History slide show (using Keynote) for presentation at my recent cousin reunion.  (You can read about it here. ) Of course SlideShare also works with PowerPoint.  Then all I had to do was upload my presentation to the SlideShare site.  In order to reduce the file size I did remove the music that was in the original version and used the Reduce File Size option in Keynote.  After the upload you can email the slide show, share on Twitter or Facebook or even embed it in a blog post like this:

Allen family history presentation from Nancy Shively

In case you're wondering, the digital scrapbook kit I used was from my favorite digi-scrap site Scrap Girls.  They have some great new kits made specifically for Keynote or PowerPoint.

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