Friday, April 27, 2012

Spreading the Bug

If you followed my posts over on the Family Tree Firsts blog, you might remember a post I wrote about connecting with my first cousins on Facebook this year.  What? You don't remember every brilliant word I wrote?  I'm shocked.  Personally, I have a hard time remembering what I had for breakfast.  Anyway, I created a Facebook group for us and we've had a great time re-connecting with each other.  One of the first things we all talked about (aside from the pitiful pleas for my apple butter which I make each fall from our grandmother's recipe) was getting together for a cousin reunion.  And talking about it was all we did for several months.  Fortunately for us, one my cousins is a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy and used to bossing people around.  He picked a location, a date and told all of us to be there or be square.  Most of us saluted and said "aye aye sir".  So this weekend we will all be gathering at a state park in Missouri, some from as far away as Wisconsin and Kentucky.  The Kentucky cousins I don't think I've seen for at least 40 years.
Some of them are bringing kids and grandkids along.  As this is a golden opportunity to infect more people with the genealogy bug, I have put together some of the family history to share.  I especially want to reach out to the kids and grandkids many of whom live far from the family stomping grounds and know little about their parent's relatives.  I found a great tool to do this using PowerPoint or in my case Keynote (for Macs).  Once I made the presentation in Keynote, I exported the slides to jpeg files which I printed to put in a notebook and to Quicktime as a movie.  It was amazingly easy to do.  I used a digital scrapbooking kit, added my photos and text and voila!  On some of the pages, there is not enough time to read all the text but that's why God made pause buttons.  Anyway, click on the link and let me know what you think.


  1. Nancy, are you kidding?!?! I have a hard time remembering whether I even HAD breakfast! ;)

    What a great idea for the digital scrapbook. Nice job, too!

    Looking forward to hearing how it went, once your big weekend is over. Aren't you glad for people who can make things happen?!

    I'd love to hear an update on how the facebook page turned out, too. Sounds like all you cousins actually knew each other way back when. I wonder how a fb page would work for family members who never actually met each other before.

    1. Sure, I'll do a post on the Facebook group. There are 13 of us first cousins. Or if you want to get technical, 1/2 first cousins as their parents are half-siblings to my dad. We all knew each other growing up, to greater and lesser degrees. The Joplin area cousins I knew better because we stayed with them when we visited. The cousins now living in KY I barely knew at all.
      Not sure how well it would work for cousins who don't know each other. We had two tragic deaths in the family last summer and that really put the momentum into the group. It brought home that we need to take the time to be with family as they will not always be with us.

  2. Really nice presentation! I hope it goes well!

  3. Your movie is beautiful! What a great idea. Looking forward to see how the "reunion" goes!


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