Monday, February 27, 2012

Who's Waiting For You In The 1940 Census? My Parents

The Parents - Gene & Virginia Allen  - Newlyweds in 1950
 I thought I'd start first with the low-hanging fruit (or nuts depending how you look at it)- my parents.  At the time of the 1930 census, my maternal grandmother was pregnant with my mother who was born in November of that year.  They owned their home which gives me hope they were in the same place in 1940.  We'll see.  Their enumeration district in Prague, Oklahoma was 41-33.

As for my dad's family, they lived in Neosho, Missouri.  In the 1930 census, my then 2 yr old father was living with his mother and stepfather. For some inexplicable reason, he was listed as Gene Wilson instead of Gene Allen.  This mistake by the enumerator caused me no end of  grief trying to find him until it occurred to me to look for my grandmother instead.  Bingo.  By 1940 Dad was living with his maternal grandparents who later adopted him.  Since Dad is thankfully still with us at age almost 84, I took a chance and asked him if he remembered the address.  He did. 316 Wheeler St.  Easy peasy.  Except Dad's grandparents were living on Jefferson St. in 1930.  The ED for that address was 73-13.  Hopefully that will get me in the ball park.

Who's waiting for you?


  1. So funny that it was when you looked for your grandparents that you made your discovery! When I looked for my grandparents, I found out all sorts of amazing things! Stuff no one ever told me about...and now they're no longer here to give any explanation. :(

  2. I know! When I told my dad about the name thing he was astonished!

  3. I'm excited about finding my parents, too. I know my mother's address in 1940 but my Dad was living in a mobile home - not sure where that was. I'll have to check with my aunt, his sister.


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