Monday, February 6, 2012

Six Lessons from Rootstech 2012

I have stopped over in Phoenix on my way home from Salt Lake City to spend a couple of days with my sister. I'll write more about my experiences at Rootstech when I get home.  For now though here are a few of the things I learned from attending my very first genea-conference.

6.  Pack an extra bag to bring home all the fun stuff you'll accumulate.
5.  Laptops are HEAVY.  One more reason to get an iPad. Like I needed another reason.
4.  Upgrade your camera before the conference.
3.  Remember to bring the cord and batteries for said camera so that you aren't forced to take pictures with your iPod Touch and them email them to yourself.
2. An iPod Touch takes crappy pictures.

and the number one thing I learned:

1.  Don't mess up your ankle the week before the conference!  The boot and cane will really slow you down!


  1. Love it! You could add 'ditch the conference bag ASAP, however desirable it is, and use the spare bag you brought with you'. The last place you want to use it is where there are 4000 identical ones (save it for showing off at home later).

    Home you enjoyed Rootstech anyway

  2. Oh I did! I had a blast and am so glad I got to go. Met a lot of great people, including you!

  3. Poor you with a sore ankle and a boot and cane. It sounds like you did okay despite those hindrances. If I get to go next year, I'll try to remember your list. Thanks for sharing.


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