Monday, February 13, 2012


So the last few weeks its been all Rootstech, all the time in the blogosphere.  I imagine that those of you who were not able to (or didn't want to?)  attend are probably pretty sick of it.  (That being said I still have a few Rootstech posts in the queue...just sayin'.)  But for anyone who is feeling un-cool and left-out because they couldn't go, I have some encouragement for you.  While there were many awesome things about Rootstech the classes were mostly not among them.  First there was the scheduling.  So many great classes in competing time slots.  Oh well, that's what happens when you only have a weekend to do everything.  There was little balance between beginner classes and more advanced sessions and some classes advertised as intermediate, clearly were not.  Again, that would be difficult to do when you have 4.000 attendees all at different skill levels.  Then there was the overcrowding..many classes were standing room only and in at least one class, security had to come ask people to leave because the number of people in the room violated fire codes! Bottom line...if you wanted to go to Rootstech for the educational experience alone, you just saved yourself the cost of the air fare and a hotel bill.

Let me make a suggestion:  enroll in Family Tree University's  virtual conference.  There are several advantages:
  • You never have to choose between two great classes.  All the classes are pre-recorded and downloadable.  For you to keep. Forever.
  • Your only overcrowding issue might be in disk space for storing the video files.
  • You get many of the same instructors that taught at Rootstech...Lisa Alzo, Thomas MacEntee and Lisa Louise Cook for example.
  • You can 'take" the same class mutiple times.  But then I'm sure none of you have memory or attention issues like yours truly. ;)
  • Cost-  The conference costs $199.  That's less than $15 per class. Hello?

In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you that although currently I have no relationship with Family Tree Magazine or Family Tree University, I was their Family Tree Firsts blogger in 2011.  I received no monetary compensation from them but was given the opportunity to take FTU classes at no charge, including last year's first Virtual Conference.
All that being said, I am recommending the conference because I was impressed by it last year as a student not because I was in any way prompted to do so.  

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