Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Business Cards

One of the things that has been suggested to me take to Rootstech is business cards.  Now, I don't have a business or a "brand" or even a logo but did that stop me?  Apparently not.  I finally put my order in tonight after weeks of agonizing over design, colors, what info to include, etc, etc.  Here is what I came up with.
I wanted to keep it simple.  At some point I'd like to have an actual designer make a logo for the blog but that wasn't going to happen before Rootstech.   Anyway, it's one more thing to check off my pre-Rootstech to-do list!
Front side
Back side


  1. Nice, streamlined look! And a great idea, even if you don't have a business. Everyone networks. This makes it easier to be remembered.

  2. Nice. Went through the same agonies myself. See you in a couple pf weeks.

  3. They look great, Nancy! Good idea putting your surnames on there. People really take the time to look at those.

  4. Thanks everyone! However I realized last night that I had left Shively off the surname list. Arg.

  5. I like the a lot! I like your color choices and I especially like the { } around the name of your blog. It takes a lot of time to design a card when you consider images, fonts, colors, spacing, not to mention the actual words to put on the cards. Hopefully people will know that Shively is one of your surnames!


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