Monday, December 12, 2011

Free Our Photos!

Photo by Woody H1

So there's been a bit of radio silence on ye olde blog the last couple of weeks.  I like to tell myself that I'm taking a short break now that my Family Tree Firsts gig is up and hey, its the holidays and oh yeah I'm busy knitting for a new grandson that will be appearing in about a week. All of which are true. But the fact is that without the accountability of an actual editor waiting for my next post I tend to get a little lazy lax. Dorothy Parker was famously quoted saying that she did not like to write but loved having written to which I can only say "Amen!".
Therefore I have figured out a way to kick my own butt. Write a series!

Soon I will begin a series of posts on how to rescue all those digital photos lurking in  your computer.  If you are like me you have tons of digital photos being held hostage in your PC.  The upcoming festivities will surely add to that number.  And that's not even counting all the heritage images languishing on my hard drive!  So I'm starting a campaign... forget Occupy Wall Street...let's Free Our Photos! 
I have found a fast, easy and above all cheap way to get them out of digital never-never land and into the hands of your family.  In addition, I will be reviewing some of the photo publishing options currently available online.  Stay tuned!


  1. I'm looking forward to your series! By the way I agree Dorothy Parker's famous quote!

  2. Yes, doing a series will help with that dilemma. Timely choice on the photo-rescue op, too! By the way, those hostage heritage photos can make great Christmas gifts, too. We took some 80 year old family photos, printed them on good photo paper, chose suitable frames and gifted them to specific relatives for whom each particular photo would hold a special significance. It was a fun Christmas project.

  3. Michelle- yes I think I need to read more of D.P.!

    Jacqui- Excellent ideas for the gifts!


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