Friday, November 4, 2011

Simple Gifts- Week 1

Although I've been wanting a forever...well o.k. for a year anyway...I didn't have a real need for one until I inherited this-

my parent's scrapbook.  My mom was a scrapbooker before scrapbooking even existed and this one documents their wedding and early years as a young couple. Besides photos there are newspaper clippings, ticket stubs, dance cards and even the 'do not disturb' sign from their honeymoon.  The album is over 60 years old and is showing its age.  A few of the pages are falling out.  The photos are either falling off the page or require a jackhammer to remove.  It is the latter that finally gave me my excuse reason for owning a Flip-Pal.  The ONLY way to digitize those stuck photos would be with one of these.
Well, lucky for me, Thomas MacEntee and Flip-Pal chose me as one of the bloggers that get to try out  one of these babies for the Simple Gifts Blog Hop!  Woo hoo!  Thanks guys!

So here's my scan as much of the album as I can and convert it into a digital scrapbook, preserving the contents of the original and making it share-able with my family.  My parents wedding anniversary was Nov. 21 and although Mom has been gone for over 2 decades now and Dad has re-married, I know he would love it as would my sisters.  Funny thing about the scrapbook though.  While there are lots of photos of me, their first child, it comes to an abrupt halt around the time my twin sisters were born!  They were still taking pictures but none of them ever made it into an organized album.   The twins pretty much rocked our world for years to come.

My Flip-Pal arrived last week.

Its about the size of a book and very light.  Everything I've heard about the Flip-Pal is has to do with its ease of use and so far I have found that to be true.  It comes completely ready to use..down to having batteries not only provided but pre-installed!  I've also heard a lot about its "stitching" capabilities.  The scanning surface is only 4x6 but if you need to scan something larger, you do it in sections.  Then the software installed on the SD card (where the scans are also stored) puts the pieces together into one image.
I decided to start with the a piece of ephemera....a joke-y check written from my dad to my mom.  I scanned it in two sections..

then I popped the SD card out of the scanner.  It comes with a USB to SD adapter in case your computer doesn't have an SD card reader.  When I took it back to my Mac, lo and behold, I found that I actually do have a slot for the SD.  Who knew?   Now up until this point, this thing has been extremely simple to use.  But the directions for using the SD card with my Mac were not as clearly written as the PC instructions.  Or at least it seemed that way to me.  I went to the Flip-Pal web site and downloaded the latest version of the stitching software and the complete user manual.  After a little reading I figured it out.  The rest was beyond easy.  I clicked on the SD card icon on my desktop, opened the Mac folder on it and launched the stitching software.  It asked me to select the scans I wanted to stitch and that was it!  The software did the rest and this was the result:

Can you tell where it was stitched?  Me neither. Amazing.

So this week I will be scanning my little heart out and trying my hand at some digital scrapbooking.  Come'll be fun!

Disclosure:  I am an affiliate of Flip-Pal which means that when you click on a link, graphic or text, and then purchase from them, I receive a small referral commission.   Flip-Pal provided me with an evaluation scanner to participate in the Simple Gifts Blog Hop, which I will not be required to return.  My opinions and reviews in this blog, for good or ill, are purely my own.  So there.


  1. I love that the stitching worked out so nicely. I can't wait to try it. I'm so excited about this blog hop & can't wait to see what you do with it, Nancy! :)


  2. Oh, my! I'm putting the Flip-Pal on my Christmas list. I, too have several scrapbooks from my ancestors I would like to digitize. That stitching ability is amazing!

  3. I know, right? Its way better than I could do even with physical documents that were in pieces for some reason. And it was super easy!


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